How to Color Your Hair at Home Like a Pro

Would you rather brave the gray strands and look older than your age or learn how to color hair at home? We can hear that tiny voice inside you saying you would rather learn a few tricks and color your hair at home like a pro rather than look dull and old. 

With our tips, tricks, and helpful guidance, you will soon overcome your fears of handling a boxed hair color kit all on your own at home. 


How to Color Hair at Home: The Process 

1. Find Your Right Color 

You may think that hitting up online stores may be a genius move when buying a hair color, but we would like to highlight the importance of finding the right shade yourself. To begin with, you must consider a box hair color as a means of tweaking your hair color. 

This means that adding some dimension or uplifting what you are currently sporting in your hair. We advise you to stick to going lighter, only half a shade of your existing color. On the other hand, if you are aiming for a darker color, then we do not recommend exceeding beyond two shades darker. 

Going darker allows you more chances of achieving the color on your box dye since you are not taking your base color away. In case of aiming for lighter tones, you are more vulnerable to errors. 

2. Choose Your Dye Type 

This is perhaps the most technical step, but it is essential for you to have a thorough knowledge before making decisions. There are generally three main kinds of hair dye: demi-permanent, semi-permanent, permanent, and bleaching.  

  • Semi-permanent hair colors have a lifespan of approximately 8 shampoosSemi-Permanent Hair Colors do not contain ammonia nor peroxide; the color mainly sits on the surface of your hair. In case the fine print of your hair dye box instructs you to mix some elements, it is not really semi-permanent. You can choose from a variety of semi-permanent hair colors, containing rich oil formula of MaracujaArgan, and coconut oils.  
  • Demi-permanent hair colors are great for blending a new shade with your existing hair color. This is a great option if you wish to make your chestnut hair color shinier and richer or change up to something similar. These generally last up to18 shampoos!   
  • Permanent Hair Colors usually have high content of ammonia along with hydrogen peroxide. These chemicals are meant to lift the color out of your hair and deposit a new color. This can lead to damage and dryness in hair. But don’t worry!!! Not all permanent hair colors are like this. Bigen Permanent Powder Permanent Hair Color is a deposit only formula, which means it has no lifting actions. This will not destroy the natural pigments in your hair making Bigen Permanent Powderless damaging than compared with common permanent hair dyes. Also, Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color can last over 20 shampoos! 


Once you carefully select and buy your hair color, the next step is to prep up for the application. 

3. Organizing Your Dye Station 

The most unwelcoming sight is perhaps ugly dye stains on your bathroom tiles or wherever you choose to dye. Before you begin applying the color, it is important to prepare your dye station and secure it against color splashes. 

Arrange a protective cloth to cover your sink and tub or your dressing table, if that’s where you will apply the dye. Next, you must line the essential supplies, including a comb, bottle applicator, plastic gloves, petroleum jelly, hair clips, and other things you might need. 

Apply a sufficient layer of petroleum jelly across your hairline and the tops of ears to secure them against any hair dye mishaps.  

4. Test a Strand First 

We never recommend diving straight into the application process, especially if you are applying it for the first time. We advise you to test a strand first to see how the color surfaces and whether it is what you want all over your hair.  

Allow the color to set for 48 hours on your test patch. This will help you to see how the color blends in with your existing one and how well your skin puts up with the chemicals. Once you are satisfied with the results, you may proceed to color your entire hair. 

5. Follow the Instructions on the Box 

Every hair color kit comes with its own set of instructions, and it is essential for you to read them first before you begin. Mix the hair color as per the instructions after you have put on your gloves then start applying the color from your roots. 

Roots take the most time to absorb the color, so it best to start from the top then pull the hair color down to your ends. 


Final Thoughts 

With our easy instructions and helpful tips as guidance, you will know how to color hair at home like a pro. The task is so simple, pocket friendly, and easy to accomplish once you get used to coloring your hair at home. In addition, with so many efficient hair color products available, you can achieve a salon-like hair transformation right at home. 

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