Bigen's origin story dates back to 1905, Nagoya, Japan, when one man embarked on a journey to refining a simple, water-activated, powder hair dye over the course of a century. Through continuous improvement in quality and unyielding commitment to safety, the dye offered an innovative solution to graying hair, developing into an iconic product in Japan's hair color market in 1950's.

With backgrounds in pharmaceuticals and one of the early pioneers of hair dye formulation in the country, Bigen became a trusted market leader through not just the development of great products, but by defining the very quality and safety standards that Japan's entire industry holds up to today.

「Bigen 美源」, which literally translates to "origin of beauty,' is now Japan's #1* hair color brand for men and women, offering a palette of innovative products in various forms that demonstrate superior functionality and consistent quality. Our trust and expertise is backed over 100 years of experiences as an industry leader in Asia, helping those born with naturally dark hair achieve a full spectrum of colors at the comfort of their own homes.

With distribution across 70 countries world-wide, Bigen believes in exporting not simply hair dyes but also the virtues of simple and affordable personal care routines. Entry in US and establishment of the first foreign R&D facility in California signify the brand's commitment to exploring the universal values in beauty within a diverse and ever-changing environment.