Best Hair Color to Cover Gray Hair

Choosing the Right Hair Color

It is time to face the truth. Gray hair is but an inevitable part of life, and the sooner we come to terms with it, the better we will feel. All it takes is to find the best color to cover gray, and you are good to go.

Some people let the anxiety of grays showing overtake their senses completely. That's why we're here; to assure you that gray hair is not the end of your beauty.

Gray hair is nothing that a great permanent dye cannot fix. So why worry when you can conceal your grays with a good product, with or without a stylist.  Bigen Permanent Powder is quite convenient and economical because you only need water to be ready for application.

The only part where you have to make the most effort is to decide which color to select. You must consider several factors for this part. If you do not have too many gray hairs and prefer the lighter touch, you should perhaps look for something close to your natural color. This idea is especially great if you are going to dye your hair for the first time.

If you attempt to convert from gray to black, you may look younger, but the color appears too harsh.

Our Permanent Powder allows you the feasibility of rationing out the amount you need. This process works ideally for gray coverage, root touch-ups, and complete color.

Bigen Permanent Powder's Story 

You can trace Bigen's story back to 1905. One Japanese man from Nagoya set off onto a journey of finding a simple and water-activated solution to all our gray hair woes. He discovered powder hair dye, an innovative solution to resolve our gray-haired problems.

His work continued for over a century. Experts continued to work on improving the powder dye's quality and ensuring it stayed true to their commitment to safety.  Today, Bigen’s hair color is an iconic product in the market and has been since the 1950s. In Bigen, you will indeed find the best color to cover gray hair.

The Best Gray Hair Coverage

Bigen earned its reputation as a reliable market leader. They develop tremendous products and are the epitome of safety and quality standards that Japan prides itself on.

Men and women from all over the world classify Bigen as the number one hair color brand today. Even world-famous celebrities like Huda Kattan and Mona Kattan from Huda Beauty are loyal to Bigen.

Many celebrities raving about all the wonders Bigen’s hair colors worked for them. Some celebs even state that they cannot even consider any other hair color apart from Bigen’s. Huda Katten claims that the Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color is the best color she has ever tried. It suits her naturally dark hair perfectly and gives her the super black shade she loves.

She even confides that her stylist can never guess that Huda uses Bigen once every week to conceal her gray roots. Moreover, if that is not enough to make you rush to get your permanent powder today, Mona Katten tips her secret to her gorgeous hair.

As you can guess, Mona Katten, too, is a huge fan of Bigen dyes. Religiously devoted to her hair care, she trusts the Japanese brand Bigen as much as her sister does. She calls it the best dye ever, describing how her hair has grown thicker ever since she converted to Bigen from other brands.

She finds Bigen effective in covering all her gray hair. Mona also claims that the permanent powder does not cause any hair fall, unlike her experiences with other colors.

Why is Bigen Permanent Powder the Best Hair Color to Cover Grays?

If you are seeking excellent and long-lasting coverage for your gray hair, then Bigen Permanent Powder is the ideal solution for you. You can rest assured of effective results with the 30 years of proven formula in Bigen colors.

This product enhances your natural hair color. Bigen’s dyes contain a water-activated unique powder formula, and natural-looking and rich deposits. Even the most stubborn of gray hairs have to succumb to the powers of Bigen’s Permanent Powder.

This Permanent Powder color does not contain ammonia. Thus it is the perfect choice for a deposit-only and rich color for your hair. You get optimum shine after its use, regardless of your hair’s natural consistency, color, length, condition or style.

The best feature of Bigen Permanent Powder is that the color is a deposit-only; therefore, you do not have to undergo lightening or lifting action. Bigen’s simple approach in the coloring system is so refreshing because it renders minimum damage to your hair. You will not find this quality in many permanent hair colors because they believe in utilizing lifting action.

With Bigen colors, you do not end up with rough, scanty, and flat looking hair. Instead, you will find your hair shiny, natural-looking, and smooth after the color application.

Here is a rundown of the best features of Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color:

  • No ammonia
  • No cruel odor
  • You only need to add water
  • Enhances your natural color
  • Best of all, it gives you excellent gray coverage.

Final Thoughts

Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color is a long-lasting and effective solution for your rapidly appearing gray hair. Bigen offers the best line of permanent powders that are close to natural hair colors. With Bigen hair colors, you get smooth, shiny, and natural-looking hair with maximum gray coverage.

Celebrities like Huda Kattan and Mona Katten, too, are thoroughly satisfied with the Bigen hair colors. Bigen Permanent Powder's simple coloring system means less damage to your hair. Moreover, the product safeguards its health and thickness while taking away your gray anxieties.

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