Touch Up your Roots with At-Home Hair Color

Salons are a central part of women’s lives all over the world; you would never have thought a time would come when salons would remain closed for months. Thankfully, you have a viable solution: touch up hair color! 

Life always has ways of surprising us, and the COVID-19 quarantine is a perfect example. While some may appreciate that staying home under quarantine means a temporary freeze on endless hours of self-prepping to step out, others are despairing at their gray roots turning grayer.

Regain Your Hair Color: Wave the Gray Roots Goodbye 

Now, we already know that whether we girls have gray or colorful hair, we never fail to look gorgeous. But since some of you tremble at the idea of covering your gray roots yourself, we are here to assure you that it is really as easy as could be. All you need is to get yourself the right products and the right guidelines and voila, you will be your gorgeous-self once again. 

You do not have to let your self-esteem take a plunge just because your favorite salons are closed. If you can’t go to the salon, what’s to stop you from opening one right at home? With some of the best hair color products available, you can go from gray roots to absolutely fresh and gorgeous looking hair at home easily. Touch up hair color is your new miracle ladies! 

Since social distancing is the new norm of life, one needs to find ways to stay as safe and healthy at home as possible. To this end, coloring at home is the best option for all you beautiful girls plus the convenience is the icing on the cake. Why depend on salons when you can make yourself look great at home?  

With a simple procedure, you can make your hair look salon-gorgeous easily at home, quarantine, or no quarantine. We have two wonderful hair color products that would make revamping your hair at home seem like a piece of cake.  

Touch Up Hair Color: Picking the Best

1.  Bigen Easy Color for Women

If you think that getting beautifully colored hair is only possible at a salon, then you need to use Bigen’s easy color for women. This hair color has a creamy, oil-rich texture that you can easily and quickly brush into and apply on your hair. 

Since the color is free of ammonia, the formula present in the product gives you tremendous coverage of gray hair. With maximum coverage and gentle treatment, this product is a winner in every woman’s life. Besides the coverage, it only takes around ten minutes to color your grays and then you have gorgeous looking hair just like magic. 

The easy color for women comes in natural shades, leaving no messy drips behind and no ugly stains on your skin. Where else can you find a product that not only effectively covers up your gray hair but also leaves your hair healthy-looking and shiny? Nowhere, we bet. 

Having this product at home means you can have multiple applications, using only as much as you need for the touch-ups. Great value for money too! 

Best Features of the Product: 

  • Contains a low amount of peroxide 
  • Olive oil and aloe extract provide nourishment to the hair 
  • Does not leave any stains on your skin 
  • Does not emit a harsh odor 
  • Allows multiple applications 

Before the Application: 

  • Complete the skin allergy test 48 hours before each application.
  • Be ready to apply to dry hair, free of styling product buildup.
  • To prevent staining, apply a thin coating of cold cream around your ears, hairline & neckline.
  • Cover shoulders with a cape or towel.
  • Remove contact lenses.
  • Wear enclosed gloves and secure with rubber bands at wrists. 
  • Squeeze out the same amount of Cream Colorant and Cream Developer in the tray. 
  • Mix well with 2-Way Brush until the two creams are completely mixed.

Full Head Application: 

Application time: 10 min.*

  • Apply the mixture on dry hair with BRUSH starting from the areas where the hair is most gray. 
  • COMB through to hair ends for even distribution making sure that every strand is well covered. 

Developing Time: After completing the application, leave the mixture on for:

  • 10 MIN when using any shade from our natural collection. (on chemically treated or natural hair) 
  • Bold Shades: 5~20 MIN on chemically treated hair; 30 MIN on natural hair  

If the application takes you longer than 10 minutes, it is recommended to leave the mixture on hair for less than the developing time indicated. If the application takes you less than 10 minutes, it is recommended to leave the mixture on hair for more than the developing time indicated. 

Retouch Application: 

  • Using the BRUSH, apply the mixture only to the growth roots  

Developing Time: After completing the application, leave the mixture on roots for: 

  • 7 MIN when using any shade from our natural collection (on chemically treated or natural hair) 
  • Bold Shades: 10 MIN on chemically treated hair; 20 MIN on natural hair

To refresh color on the ends of the hair: 

  • COMD thoroughly gently to make sure the mixture is evenly distributed from root to ends.  
  • Leave the mixture on for an additional: 
    • 7 MIN when using any shade from our natural collection (on chemically treated or natural hair) 
    • Bold Shades: 10 MIN on chemically treated hair; 20 MIN on natural hair 

Rinse and Dry: 

When the desired color is obtained, rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water until water runs clear and shampoo well. Avoid water coming into contact with the eyes. It is recommended to use a color-safe hair conditioner after shampooing well.  And of course, finish off by drying and styling as usual.

2. Bigen - Semi Permanent Hair Color

Bigen’s semi-permanent hair color is the best solution for your gray hair coverage. With a new formula, new look, and new fragrance, this hair color is safe for all hair types. It contains an oil-rich yet gentle formula of ArganMaracuja, and Coconut oils and is free of peroxide and ammonia. 

Even if you chemically relaxed or treated hair, you will still benefit greatly from this product. You can easily apply this hair color at home and rediscover soft, shiny, beautiful hair right at home. Who needs a salon when you have a product like that at home? 


The best features of the semi-permanent hair color from Bigen are: 

  • Free of peroxide and ammonia 
  • Contains natural oils 
  • Has an all-new, exquisite fragrance 
  • Provides anti-breakage protection 

How to Apply 

Follow this step-by-step process to get rid of all your gray roots with the hair color: 

  • Shampoo first and then towel dry your hair 
  • Put on your gloves 
  • Part your hair into sections before applying the hair color 
  • Apply the color section-wise on all your gray roots 
  • Once you finish applying the color, comb through your hair thoroughly to ensure maximum coverage 
  • Apply some heat and wait thirty minutes. Allow your hair to cool down 
  • Proceed to wash your hair using only a conditioner. Do not use a shampoo 

With the quality ingredients in the hair color and the gentle features, this semi-permanent hair product stands above other colors you will find in the market. 

A Few Tips to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer 

Since staying at home is the norm in recent times, your hair faces less exposure to air pollution and the sun. With such a significant advantage on your side, it is better to limit the frequency of your head showers too. 

Washing your hair more often is a significant reason why your color fades so quickly. Every time you rinse your hair with a shampoo, a bit more pigment comes off your hair, and thus the grays start becoming more prominent. 

The best solution is to decrease the number of times you lather your hair in a week. When you do shampoo, we recommend using a color care shampoo that extends the life of your color and makes your hair look fresh longer.  

Final Thoughts 

After what may feel like months of gray, tired, and dull-looking hair, you can bring the lost luster and gorgeousness of your hair with these beautiful hair colors. With such a simple procedure and easy application, you can wave goodbye to your hairdressers for good. 

While it may be a tad more challenging to replicate a mischievous, bouncy blow-dry at home, getting a salon-fresh hair color at home is no longer impossible, thanks to touch up hair color.

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