We know that all hair types are not the same. There is no such thing as one-size fits all when it comes to caring for and coloring hair. Your hair products should be specific to meet your unique needs.

For over 100 years we have honored our roots in pharmaceutical expertise while carefully crafting and refining all that goes into designing our products. Our hair color solutions give people what they want, and what they need. We’ll help you unlock color that is both rich and gentle and give you that natural, effortless look you’ve been searching for.

At Bigen, we are committed to helping you achieve the best hair color, without sacrificing its health or feel, so your hair can be the best version of itself—and you can be too.

Embrace what makes you special and let your natural beauty shine.


The Beginnings

In 1905, Masujiro Mizuno founded 水野甘苦堂 (Mizuno Kansudou) to manufacture and sell home medical supplies in Japan. The family business grew into the company Hoyu today.

Our First Product

Starting in 1909 the company produced 二羽からす(Niwa Karasu) meaning “two crows,” as its first hair dye for gray hair. This was the start of what would become a century long journey involving continuous research and devotion to creating hair products rooted in quality and effective results.

Making Improvements

With advancements in technology and further development, in 1916 the company released a new hair coloring product for gray hair called 三羽からす (Sanwa Karasu) meaning “three crows” in Japanese.

Further Development

Following afterwards, 元禄 (Genroku) was released in 1921 which became the forerunner to Bigen Permanent Powder.

Origin of Beauty

Out of 元禄(Genroku) and other well-established Hoyu products, Bigen is born. Bigen, meaning "Origin of Beauty" in Japanese launches it's first permanent powder hair color.

Environmental Certification

Hoyu’s main factory obtains ISO 14001 Certification which establishes Hoyu as an environmentally responsible corporation.

Expanding West

Hoyu America, Co is established to grow and expand west, opening up commerce to North and South American markets.

Bigen Today

Sold in 70 countries worldwide, Bigen is a renowned authority in hair coloring. Regardless of your natural hair color, consistency, condition, length or style, Bigen produces optimum color results. For more than 50 years, the Bigen brand has offered safe, effective and economical hair color to consumers worldwide.