Your Hair's New Year's Resolution

Every year the number one New Year’s resolution seems to be getting your body in shape. People resolve to go to the gym more, eat healthier, and lose a couple of pounds. But what about your hair?? It suffered from a full year’s worth of hairdryers, burning straighteners, brushing, ponytail torture! This year, resolve to get your locks into the best shape of their life! Follow these steps and you will have beautiful, fabulous, fierce, hair!


Step One: Get all your split ends cut off. This is much more difficult than it seems. Have a serious heart to heart with your hairstylist and be open-minded about how far the ends of your hair have split upward.

If you are afraid of a short cut just remember you can always grow your hair out again the right way by having it trimmed every six to eight weeks. This way when your hair is long again it will be fresh, fun, and voluptuous! Split ends suck the life and shine right out of your hair leaving it very dull. Get all the ends cut for a fresh start to the New Year.


Step Two: Use a gentle shampoo, such as Bigen's Protect and Repair Shampoo. Bigen combines Rice Water's active ingredient - Inositol, with Sunflower Seed Oil to help PROTECT & REPAIR color-treated, chemically processed or damaged hair. This gentle shampoo formula helps revive and protect damaged hair, improve overall elasticity, and moisturize hair damaged by chemicals. And best of all, it's safe to use on color-treated hair.


Step Three: Give your hair a holiday vacation! Take at least two months off from dyeing, highlighting, or chemically treating your hair. Good color on your hair is one close enough to your natural color that you should not have to color it too often.

If you have a stripe along the roots of your hair when they grow in you should consider a different hair color. Highlights and lowlights grow out more forgivingly than a single solid color all over. Plus, they give your hair dimension and movement. Choose colors that are one or two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color.


Step Four: Find a great hair treatment. You can go to a salon and spend $25 to $95 on a good deep treatment depending on the salon. You can also buy great treatments at your local beauty supply store for around $10, or for even as low as $1.99 like Bigen's Protect and Repair Deep Conditioner. Or you can make your own hair masque at home:

In a large bowl mix:

                               2 Tsp Olive Oil

                               2 Egg Yolks

                               1 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix until consistency is smooth and pour over hair. Let sit for 10- 15 minutes and rinse with cold water.


Step Five: Eat protein. Your follicles are made up of protein so naturally a diet rich in protein will promote thick healthy hair growth. Protein rich foods are fish, poultry, and beans. Include a daily multivitamin to your diet when you eat meals for best digestion and distribution of the nutrients and your hair and skin will really glow oh so nice! Read our "5 Foods That Give You Healthy Hair" blog to learn more! 


Get your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks, deep condition once a week and in no time at all your hair will be stronger and fitter than G.I. Jane!

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