Hair Color Tips for Going Red

It’s a beautiful hair color and everybody wants it …red.  Brought into light by huge celebrities like Julia Roberts, red hair has gone from uncommon to extremely popular.

With all its intricacies, it’s the one hair color women must dare to wear!

This enchanting hair color comes in an array of shades and tones from strawberry blonde to crimson. With Valentine’s Day just right around the corner, everyone’s a candidate for this color change, but keep in mind these simple pointers when taking the plunge:


Rule of Thumb:

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Natural and Surreal:

  • Blue-red and red-red hair are un-natural in the human hair color spectrum – although these colors can look ravishing on you, if you want the natural look, choose red-orange tones.
  • The color red molecule is the largest. It doesn’t fuse to the hair shaft as the other colors do. Therefore, you will find red hair coloring fades faster than any other color.

Red hair color chart

Protection from the Elements:

  • When going to the beach, pool or even spending the day out in the sun, use a leave-in conditioner that contains UV protection. Don’t have any handy? Mix ½ teaspoon of regular sunscreen lotion with 1 cup of water and apply to hair.
  • Avoid the pool if possible, but if you do go for a swim, rinse hair immediately afterward with natural spring water or with apple cider vinegar and then follow with club soda (the carbonation will remove the salt and chlorine from hair).
  • Avoid highly chlorinated water- it is colored hairs’ worst enemy!

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