Choosing the Right Hat

Even if you love your cut and color you're still going to have some bad hair days. So work a little fashion magic and top your tresses with a hat! Wearing the right hat for you face shape can work to instantly erase years, bring your eyes into focus and chisel in cheekbones. Here's how to find your best look!

If your face is round: Opt for a hat like a fedora or any style with a square-shaped crown and asymmetrical brim, which will help to "slim" cheeks and instantly make the face appear longer.

If your face is long: Look for a hat with a full brim, which will visually add width to your face.

If your face is square: Go for a style that's worn at an angle like a newsboy, which will draw attention up and away from angular features.

If your face is heart-shaped: A crusher or any other slouchy style, which sits low on the head will help disguise a wide forehead while distracting from a narrow chin.

Help for hat head: I know what you're thinking, "But whenever I wear a hat, my hair looks terrible when I take it off!" Here's a great tip, first never use products that contain oils or silicone. The materials in your hat and the heat from your head, warms up the products and one of two things will happen: Either your hair go flat or your hair will get baked into the shape of the hat. To restore hair's shape and volume, bend head forward and comb or brush your hair from the scalp down to the tips.

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