Best Tips for Gorgeous Curls

Catwalks, as well as all the red-carpet events, are literally studded with girlish curly hairstyles and romantic wavy looks. It seems it’s all about curls and waves. Watch Out, Curves Ahead…keep reading to get some hot hair tips for your own curly/wavy beauty look.

Curly hair is different from straight hair. It is dryer than straight hair, especially at the roots, requiring a lot more moisture and nourishment. Follow these simple steps for healthier curls:

  1. Use a shampoo & conditioner formulated for curly hair.
  2. Wash hair every other day.
  3. Pat hair dry – do not rough hair up with a towel.
  4. Use a deep conditioner at least once a week.
  5. Use a leave-in conditioner daily to protect hair from the elements.
  6. Never brush out hair – always gently use a wide-tooth comb.

Tip one:

If you have naturally curly hair use heavier moisturizers to get your curls all shapely and springy. If they are still not shaped you can fix it with a curling iron. If you have straighter hair and want curls, you still need to moisturize your hair but use products that don’t weigh down your locks. Be sure that your stylers have a light formula.

Tip two:

If you use a hot iron to create curls, put some heat protection spray on your locks to avoid fried ends and protect your hair from heat damage. A good heat protecting spray will also help to lock those curls in place.

Tip three:

Remember that the more often you wash your hair during cold weather, the drier it becomes as you wash away all the natural oils that help hold your curls. Thus, you can damage your hair because natural oils help protect them from the environment.

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